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I have talked to the current owner and it is the mate to my GNS and was built two days after mine. I talked with Mike Jewel about someone inspecting it, but it never happened. this car had the same "anniversary gold" paint on it that my car did. When I talked with Janice she went on and on about how her uncle had trouble matching the paint. As you can see it is red now.

In Paul's first book, after his interview with Lee Gray, he had a time line that indicated that some anniversary gold GNS Mustangs may have been converted into GT/CS cars on the line to jump start sales in the NW.

This car deserves a look see by an astute GT/CS guy to look at the car to see if it is a converted GNS to GT/CS that has been rumored about.

My GNS had all the original GT/CS fiberglass except for the left side scoop. the correct rear wiring harness and such. This has been a mystery for many years. If an experience GT/CS guy can look at this car, it may prove to be a rare buy. And solve a mystery partially.

The number two reference may have came from my conversation with the owner. I told him this car might be one of these assembly line Mustangs pulled from the line and converted early. I told him my car was built 2 days earlier. That is where he came up with the number two thought.

Attached is a picture of the car when Janice had it in its original color.


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