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Side shot and engine shot of Dan Jackson's (calsplc) GT/CS 390 4 speed with the GT option. This car drives like a dream! Nice power! 4 speed is the added bonus. It is currently running on Eric's (68Gulfstream) numbers correct Holley that I rebuilt and dialed in. Got Dan's carb kit today and will start in on his numbers correct Holley tomorrow.

Dan's car had a nasty oil leak. I love it when the leak reveals itself upon disassembly. Seldom can you pull an intake on a 390 and still have the leaking gasket in place. These manifolds are around 100 pounds and extremely awkward to remove!! Picture is of the passenger rear corner of the intake manifold. The gasket slipped off the manifold surface and created the leak. I will clean the manifold up and put a fresh coat of paint on it before installation.

Working on his brakes and a couple other things. Had it up on the lift and this is one rust free, perfect example, of the big block GT/CS. It is in awesome condition! No rust anywhere underneath!!


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