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CALL FOR PHOTOS! -Submit your pics for the 2018 CS Calendar! - Deadline Oct 7, 2017

It's hard to believe, but another year has flown by and it's time again for the wall calendar!

So here's the official call for entries. Please submit your photo no later than Saturday Oct 7, 2017.

We'll all vote on the photos and the top 12 will be used. They'll be on sale in time to get them for Christmas gifts. If you've been in previous calendars you can submit again, but not the same or similar photo. Please submit only one photo.

To submit your pics email me at (has more space than my normal email)

OK, here's the catch... Your photo has to be a minimum size in order to print clearly on a full size calendar. It needs to be 1800x1200 pixels minimum (obviously bigger is better). Basically a 2.0 Megapixel or better digital camera or phone will work (if set at it's highest resolution). Any lower resolution and they just won't print well. Even the largest photos in the Gallery are too small. Sorry! And please don't take a smaller pic and change the resolution to bump it up to 1800x1200. It doesn't work that way unfortunately. The original needs to be at that resolution.

Thanks in advance for all the great photos I expect to get! :)

For those that don't have one hanging on your wall from past years, here are a few samples:

The 2015 CS calendar -
The 2014 CS calendar -
The 2013 CS calendar -
The 2012 CS calendar -
The 2011 CS calendar -
The 2010 CS calendar -
The 2009 CS calendar -
The 2008 CS calendar -
The 2007 CS calendar -

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