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My brother used to run a Pinto at our local 1/4 mile oval in the Fever Four class. In the beginning the Pinto was the car of choice but was later replaced by the Mustang II as the Mustang with coil over rear suspension was superior to the Pinto's leafs. Regardless the 2000 or 2300 Ford motor was motor of choice as they were pretty much bulletproff which lead to the Pinto's popularity in the beginning. My brother's car had the 2000 at first but we replaced it with a 2300. I drove the car a little bit and with the 2000 I could stomp the gas coming out of the corners and it would stay hooked up. The first time I stomped the gas with the 2300 I looped the car a few times. I learned to feather the gas somewhat.

That wagon in Arlie's link is really awesome, particularly for those of us who were around in the Pinto days. The color and interior are so 70's!
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