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lets see if I can anwer

OK lets see if I can answer the questions as best I can because I am NOT a car person.

The Grille - didn't know that was the wrong grill, I will take a stab in the dark that my brothers father in law, took the original because he is a general scammer.

From what I can tell and looking at the research from what others have posted on here I believe it is a GT, but I will look into a Marti report, I have never heard of that. What you see is what you get for lights so the yellow ones mounted on the bumper/grill area, the little round ones under and the headlights. Is that what you want to know I don't know how to tell if they are original. I can take a picture of anything you want to see.
Yes Tack, speed, clock all original, radio is also original but not in the car at the moment. Seatbelts all in tact and original. NO MOTOR (removed by my brothers father in law along with the radiator and put into one of his personal cars)UGH!!
I am in WA and would be happy to let someone come take a look, I am located in Auburn area.

Ok next set of questions Neil , you may need to go slow for me P/S P/B??? UHM if I knew what you were asking I would tell you. Interior is So So, carpet is shot but we have purchased new replacement, from a reputable source for restoration, panels are all there I am sure (at least it looks like it, perhaps driver side front left is missing but it might be the one I found in the trunk...but all the door panels are there and the rear panels. The back interior of the back window is not so great, the center console is pealing, the dash is but sun damaged. The seats are good except 2 stitching tears in the drivers seat, all the leather needs cleaning and treating to determine if there is futher damage but nothing major that I can see. the back window rolling handles are missing.
Body - Never been hit (that I know of but a report would tell more I am sure) it is straight no big dents scratches or gouges, the trunk lid paint is crackly but whoever buys it will most likely put it back to green (at least I would so I don't know how much that matters). No rust, the trunk is solid the floors are solid, a little surface rust but not rust, rust on the floor of the back seat. VIN#8R01J170736 I have lots of pictures but I cannot figure out how to post them to my garage they won't show up.
If anyone would like to chat or come by and take a look I am happy to meet with anyone who can help. 206-391-8383
Thanks for all your time.
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