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I always find the GT/CS cars with Marti reports that are blank in the "order received" category to be very interesting. Especially, when the rest of the build dates predate the debut of the GT/CS Mustang in California. This means the Mustang was "decided" to be a GT/CS and not ordered by a single customer or even a Ford Dealer in a city. These GT/CS cars were actually built to be ready for the dealers to scoop them up after the debut would trigger the demand for the car.

Then we couple that with cars that were known to be "pulled" from the line to be "converted" into the GT/CS to further bolster the availability of these special Mustangs after the debut. And these cars that were pulled were already ordered to be a "regular" Mustang and would never be documented as a GT/CS in a Marti report.

Even though I have sold my Marti verified Gold Nugget Special which contained all but one piece of the original GT/CS option, I still am avidly watching the early GT/CS cars as they are identified.

The first GT/CS registrar tried to make a science out of how these cars came to be, and made the Marti report the end all reference. To me that was the easy way out that excludes the pulled and staged cars that were known, available, and already ordered as a regular Mustang. But converted into a GT/CS on the line at San Diego and sold as a true GT/CS. Ford had a habit of building prototypes of cars and many early GT/CS cars have some strange anomalies such as different taillight panels. Not a prototype so to speak, but running changes as this car came to be early on.

The, I dare say, "clumsy" way that the San Diego line added the GT/CS option (rough holes for the hood pins, the punched hole for the side scoop main support, the drilled holes for the quarter script) are evidence that all of these Mustangs were converted to a GT/CS way down the assembly process.

This does not demean the authenticity of the car in any way. It just opens the doors for many cars that could have been converted early on before the mad rush to order them. Real GT/CS cars sold at a dealer that a Marti report will never authenticate.

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