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The top end kit was enticing, but it came with stuff we did not want and stuff we did. I am a big fan of the Comp Cams Xtreme Energy cams to get good power and keep the vacuum signal with a manageable idle. As this was a 4 speed car I went for a slightly more aggressive cam. He has an old Edelbrock F4B aluminum intake.

I went back and forth with the owner on the 2.02 vice 1.90 Intake valve. He wants this car to be a cruiser more than looking for all out power. Also, he is using cast iron HIPO exhaust manifolds. The short block is basically a stock 10.1 build. With this in mind I told him that 5,500 rpm is about tops for longevity. Based on all the above I felt the 1.90 would provide better torque throughout the range than the 1.90. May of may not be true. He plans on building a wild car in the future, so we made this one a bit more mellow. I did tell him that if he wished to go to long tube headers and more RPM the 2.02 would be a better choice.

These heads IMO make rebuilding of stock Ford heads fruitless unless you are a concurs person, or have a cheap head rebuilder. The power gains and weight savings far outweigh the cost savings one might get over a complete head rebuild. Most extensive stock stuff rebuilds in my area easily approach 700 to 800 bucks.

Did not think about FI for this build. We are replacing the 1850 Holley with a new 4776 dual inlet double pump this weekend. There goes any gas mileage we may have had!!

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