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New bullet for my friends son's 1967 4 speed Fairlane hard top. New 289 short block topped with Edelbrock "E" Street aluminum heads. These heads will support up to .550 lift and come with either 2.02 or 1.90 diameter intake valves. At $928 dollars for the pair it almost negates rebuilding your old stuf these days. Installed with Cometic .027 crush head gaskets they will keep the compression similar to stock, but create a lot more HP. You do need to buy the Edelbrock spacers that allow use of the 289/302 7/16 inch head bolts. While you are at it buck up for some new ARP head bolts as yours have been torqued and stretched you do no know how many times.

Ancient Edelbrock F4B aluminum intake and 600 dual inlet double pump will top the intake side off. Cam is an COMP Cams Xtreme Energy Cam and Lifter Kit CL31-242-3

Here is a link to the heads:

We are running this through port matched Hipo 289 cast iron manifolds. This combination should make 350 HP easily. The Xtreme series cams use the latest in lobe ramp and lifter technology to provide superior power while creating a strong vacuum signal. I took this engine up one step in the Xtreme series as it is a 4 speed car.

Our first spring cruise night is set for April 4th! If the weather will smile, the Black Beast will make its deput!!

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