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Re:i need some HCS info

Even though we all agree the car is not a GT/CS or HCS it might be interesting to see some of the details to see if an individual built the car or if a dealer might have built it.

For example:
How is the hood pin retainer attached to the radiator support?

Are there metal caps behind the taillights in the trunk?

Is there an unaltered Ford wiring harness leading to the taillights?

Does it have a GT/CS grille, with the foglight supports sticking out of it?

What brand of foglights does it have?

What is the diameter of the hole in the inner part of the hood?

If all those details are correct, who knows, maybe there is some strange one-off car out there that we never knew about. I doubt it but it might make for good conversation!

Oh, and one other thing, what is the build date of the car?
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