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Hi all, Im interested in the CS that is listed in the classifieds at Mountaineer Ford in WV. Im one of the few fans of Lime Gold. My folks bought a Lime Gold coupe in 67 and held on to it for 20 years.

I see this car is not totally original, but is pretty close.

Any opinions on the value of this particular car? As you know, asking prices for anything pre-MII are all over the place.

I want a 67/68 Lime Gold coupe, V8/PS/PB/AC. This car meets that criteria, except for the AC and thats an easy add. I prefer the parchment interior, but can live with the black. Im not interested in an investment or garage queen, this car would be a driver.

Last year I sold a couple 65 coupes, a 200 and a 289, both automatics. They were nice cars, I just prefer the 67/68.

Thanks for any insight or advice on this car.
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