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i need some HCS info

hey guys, i am a shelby owner who stumbler on this site by accident and thought it was pretty cool. i found this site because i was trying to help a friend find some info about his car. i know alot of stuff about mustangs and almost everything about shelbys but until i found this site, i didnt even know that the HCS existed. a friend of mine had asked me to help him get info and restore his car. it is a mustang coupe and when i first saw it i thought for sure it was a california special. he asked me to decode the VIN for him. while doing this i found out that it was a 67 and not a 68 so i now know that it isnt a real CS. but he got this car from his father and thought it was a CS replica, but his dad has owned the car for a little over 30 years and i know that back then it wasnt practical or cost effective for someone to build this replica. the craftsmanship around the taillights of his car is very similar to that on my shelby, which leads me to believe that it isnt an amature job, but its notperfect either, it looks like a job done by shelby or the ford factory. do you know of anything special that i could look for on the car to know if it is a HCS? if it is a HCS what would the restored value be? if anyone can tell by the VIN if it is a HCS, here it is, 7R01C211455. everything that i could decode from it matches with the little info that i know about HCS but i dont know enough to be sure, maybe someone cann tell by the production #. next time i see him i will get a picture to post for you guys too.
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