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Project update and suspension question

After many years of starting and stopping my 68 CS project car - I finally gave up! I sold the building I kept it in and I had to give in and.... Take the car to a real restoration shop for completion!!!

My old threads on the project are OLD. But it was a rotisserie, sandblast, complete makeover project. I got it all the way to epoxy primer and running when I punted.

The car is not concourse. Its a C code, Alcapulco blue. Besides a complete rebuild, the following mods have been done: Interior color change, Mustangs to fear headliner, Real center console, dynamat, electronic ignition, alum radiator, elect fan, Painless Wiring, 9" 3:55 posi rear end, Borgeson steering unit, Disc brake conversion, larger rear drums, shelby drop, new steering column and wheel... every nut and bolt has been replace with new or cleaned and painted.

I am now re-thinking the front and rear suspensions... I rebuilt with original replacement parts. I feel like this will be the weak link in enjoying the NEW ride.

Since this is already a "bolt on modified" car... I figure why not. It's been a while since I researched suspensions... What is a good set up? Any other advice?

I already have WAY more $$$$ into the car than I'll ever get out of it. I'm already into it for about 40k and it's not painted yet!! Paints happening within 2 weeks.

I'll post updated pics soon!
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