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Fuse Issue

I have an issue that has me scratching my head. I just replaced the battery in my GT/CS. I took the car for a run, and noticed that my turn signals had I stopped working. They were fine before. When I got the car home, I found that my radio, trans light and back up lights also were out. Thinking the fuse was bad, I tried to pull that fuse. Since I don't bend very well, I always have problems under the dash. I got my neighbour over, and he found that I had managed to break the fuse. He got all the pieces out, put in the new fuse, and all of the functions of that circuit were still not working. He put a voltage meter on the fuse, and it was good. Then he checked the box. The left side clip had 12 volts with the key on accessory. The left side ground worked properly, and the circuit had continuity across the fuse. What are we missing? Is there a fusible link somewhere past the fuse box? I'm lost....

Steve Cracknell
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