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Trouble with Horn

Been trouble shooting the horns. initially neither horn would sound but did seem to be getting some indication of they were trying to go. when I pressed the horn button on the steering wheel

I suspected ground issue so when I checked that each horn was grounded properly and verified by directly hitting each of them with 12V from the battery they both gave a resounding "hello" so I believe I have confirmed that they are grounded properly and that they both work.
the strange issue is when I connect the electrical connections to both horns they don't work. when I just connect the passenger side it works when I try to connect just the drivers side nothing.
any thoughts where this gremlin might be hiding. All new harnesses. have not checked the horn button but since it works with just the passenger side connected it would seem it is working properly. I do recall seeing 2 contacts behind the steering wheel coming from the blinker switch assembly. could it be that one of those is not making contact?
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