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Another oddity

A while back my roof liner fell apart so I ended up removing it. My car never had a dome light inside and I noticed it had brackets for an overhead console, yet there is no mention of this on my Marti report. I can imagine that the hood liner was replaced at one point and the upper console was removed at that time. I am just guessing...but the holes to screw in the dome light are still covered in the original paint and show no sign of ever being used...

I can add this to the growing list of "why in the hell does my car have these things?"

Another example is the metal grilles on my lower door panels. I don't have the deluxe interior or and AM/FM 8-Track or anything else that would warrant why they were on there.

I do know that my car did have 16 options listed on the Marti and it also was the showroom floor model when it was bought from Holiday Ford in Sunnyvale CA (Now just Sunnyvale Ford).

Anyway, just though I would share...
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