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Originally Posted by cmacias24 View Post
Hi everyone,
Thanks for your input. After long consideration, I've decided to go the rebuild route. I've located a reputable engine guy who has quoted me 3k to rebuild my engine and blueprint and balance with a solid guarantee. Originally I wanted to keep the car stock since it has factory A/C and I didn't want to have any problems, but wanted to ask you for your input.
Should I consider modifying the cam? Lifters? Rocker Arms? What do you guys think?
Depends, are you keeping the cast iron intake, Autolite 2V carburetor, and single exhaust? Then get a mild 289/302 cam and new lifters. Always inspect the rockers and push rods, and keep them matched to each other. Replace if you find excessive wear or bent push rods. Ask your engine guy if his estimate includes replacing rockers and push rods. Also if he is putting in hardened valve seats on the exhaust side of the cylinder heads.
Keep in mind most all new cams will have the 351W firing order.

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