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Originally Posted by bobby View Post
... Wish Ford would have been consistent in locating ID markings.
Not sure which markings your referring to. Allot were applied not by Ford but by subcontractors. For line markings normally it came down to three workers so there is some variations but if you look at enough of them they often fall into definable patterns in my experience. I've collected and or documented likely 8,000 to 10,000 from mostly San Jose Mustangs.

IF you can find one of your buildsheets that will provide you with maybe a dozen of the original markings. Unfortunately that isn't likely since San Jose workers treated/handled them differently than the other two plants

To dalorzo_f's list I would add

- Every suspension part especially related to steering. Steering box

- In the interior - Rear seat cushion, passenger side bucket seat, dash gauge housing, fuse box, heater phelum, door panels, drivers side seat riser

- Body panels - Rear valance, hood, headlight buckets, passenger side cowl, fenders, trunk lid

- Steel rims as well as spare tire and rim

- Wheel side of the battery box panel

Some of these can be wiped or cleaned to make it easier to see once you find them. Others will disappear quickly if wiped at all so take pictures before doing each step.

That should keep you busy for a while

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