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Engine questions (289 2-V AT)

Hi everyone,
I recently purchased an original GT/CS matching numbers, 289 2-V, AT, PS, PDB, A/C, car with the odometer reading 95k. While the car was complete and running there were some red flags which caught my attention when I took the car home and I'd like your recommendation on what to do. I've degreased the engine and it had oil residue everywhere from what I can tell. When I purchased the car, the seller said he had changed the point to a petronix system, coil, wire, plugs, harmonic balancer, rebuilt the carb (70's style motorcraft 2100), starter solenoid, voltage meter, and the steering end links. The car has a very small misfire so I figured he tried to solve it with these parts. The car doesn't smoke, runs sluggish, but okay. So far I've degreased the car, changed the valve cover gaskets, changed the oil pan (was leaking), changed the carb to a proper autolite 2100, changed distributor to a the property autolite single vacuum distributor. So here's what I've found in the process.

1. Some rocker arms are a little loose, but don't make a tapping noise (at least not that I could hear). Two rocker arms looked newer than the rest which I suspect were changed at some point in it's left.
2. The timing chain has slack on one side, but tight on the other (felt this when I changed the oil pan)The oil pan looked original and the seals were leaking.
3. No metal shavings were in the oil pan, just some hard crud (maybe gasket stuff)
4. The rear seal is leaking (from the bell housing)
5. Since I've degreased the car, oil is puddling in the rear intake location by the bell housing.
6. It has a little misfire (someone said it's prob the intake gasket failing)
7. Compression test is 110-120 all cyls, and plugs look good.
8. I changed the oil within 200 miles and the oil was really black when I changed the oil pan.
9. Timing is set to 9 degrees, but I'm about to change the distributor since I suspect the vacuum is failing.

At this point I know I need to install a new intake gasket, timing chain and rebuild the tranny which at that point I can fix the rear seal. My question to you all, is should I just rebuild the engine or should I do a head job?I'd hate to go through the process of repairing these leaks to only find out that I should have rebuilt the whole thing. Thanks in advance!
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