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As for marking there is no "standard" you have to strip the car carefully and look at what you find on your car.

Common areas for marks are:
- lower radiator support
- RH apron on the outside area above the battery tray
- differential
- driveshaft (paint stripes)
- brake backing plates (paint daubs)
- differential, paper tag and chalk marks (mostly near breather connection)
- transmission (usually gone if rebuilt)
- engine (usually gone if rebuilt)

There are more, just document what you find. In general most do not recommend copying marks from other cars as marks do vary.

I'd suggest quality paint instead of powdercoating. Bolt areas will chip when installed,a nd the PC can the slowly peel. Once powdwercoated to refinish is a repeat of the PC process, needs to be stripped and redone, pint can be touched up.

On the aluminum if you are talking the rocker trims you can do a decent DIY with a few dollies and small hammers. I use hardwood blocks sanded to various shapes. Not perfect but can clean u dings. Beware that if the repair ends up scuffing the anodized finish the entire part needs to be re-anodized, not sure about there but here it is hard to find folks who do it any more and due to the size of the parts costs can be significant.

This is pricey (may be able to shop around and find it for a bit less) but is a great reference for the GT/CS owner.

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