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390 X code for sale - HELP

I decided to start a CLEAN new thread regarding a meadowlark yellow 390 X code. The previous threads last comment was yesterday with the owner Brance stating he was finally ready to sell said car. It is still listed on his website I called and talked specifics with Brance and will be calling him again in the morning. I will also PM you Wimbledonwhitestangs for information you gathered when you drove up and laid eyes on the car, back in May or June sometime.

That being said, I am prepared to fly to the cars location and inspect the car myself. A few of you here know I am actively looking for a car for a family member of mine. Things have shifted (funny how this works) to me actually looking for another cs for myself. If it gets to that point with this X code car is there anyone else close to this car that could help me inspect it? I know where to look for rust at but checking compression is not exactly my forte.

Any help would be appreciated. I am very serious about a potential 3rd cs for myself. The 1st I bought sight unseen. The second I found 45 minutes away from me. And the current owner - collector seems genuine so far and people trolling a post about what could be a very nice X code for myself would be silly. Hence the new thread, reference the old one.

Thank you in advance and hopefully I get great help from the resident pros here. How exciting! Only ten X codes registered and I have the green light for one of

Ivy rED.
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