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Powder Coating Argent wheel rims

I tried a search but couldn't find anything on powder coating the argent wheels. Has anyone done this? Mine are getting rather cruddy and since I plan on buying new tires this winter, I figured on having the rims redone also. I've checked a few places locally and the going price seems to be around $100.00 per rim. Most places didn't know what color Argent was but they looked at the spare I took in to try and match for a color. If any of you happen to have your rims redone, what color did you use, and if you had an argent source, who was it and what was the color number or whatever. I spoke with one place who said if I could find a source with the blend number they would try to get it for me.

Speaking of tires, I currently have the Firestone Firehawks Indy 500 on the Special. And since they are no longer available I'm debating on whether or not to go with BF Bridgestone Radial TAs or with a 3/4 inch white wall tire.

Any thoughts or ideas would be most helpful.

Thanks all,

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