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The only way to check it is to pull it out. This can be done with the engine in the car. You could get a dial indicator and measure the lift of each cam lobe. They like compression should be very close in lift to each other.

If the intake and valve covers are removed, you can remove each lifter and inspect the bottom of them. The lifter bottom can tell you a lot about the cam condition.

Your compression readings are great and that indicates that the valves are adjusted properly.

Personally I do not think you have a cam with a flat or worn lobe. I also do not think you firing order is out, because the engine most times will not even run. But that is easy to check.

Please answer ALL the below questions so we can help you!!

1. How old is the motor build or how many miles is on it?
2. Do you have any valve train noise?
3. Have you taken a vacuum reading and if so what does it run at hot idle?
4. What is your initial timing set at?
5. Does your vacuum advance hold vacuum? Is it dual diaphragm?
6. What port does you PCV valve connect to? The spacer below the carb?
7. Have you checked all vacuum hoses for their condition?
8. If you put your finger over the PCV valve when running does the idle improve?

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