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Thanks for the suggestions. The battery cable is snug. I took the car in to put it on a diagnostic machine. The timing was advanced 18 degrees. It appears the triangle holding the distributor in place was not tight and it may have been bumped forward. Engine on, the battery was at 14.3 volts, the coil was 11.5 volts with the Petronix set up. We backed the timing back down to 10 degrees.

The other thing I found is that at about 2700 rpm, the PCV hose collapsed on itself. It is an older hose, so I replaced it.

I drove it home on city streets and it ran fine. I hooked the mini tach back up. I noticed this am that there was a slight lumpiness at idol. I thought one of the spark plugs could have gotten damaged in the backfires. I replaced them. Looking at them, they seemed fine, but the gap on 3 of them was less than when I put them in a year ago. I still could feel the lumpiness.

I drove it 5 miles on the freeway and it shut down again. Not all the way, the engine caught itself and fired up. On the way home, I pulled off at my exit and it died completely.

Next up, pull the carb to inspect it (Std 2100 that was restored last year). I need to try another starter solenoid, but need to buy/borrow one. My original is gone.

What are the symptoms of a timing chain that is about to go?

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