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The first thing I would do is pull out the Pertronix and put standard points in, just to eliminate that as a possibility. Since you've cut the resistor wire to the coil, if you use a standard coil, you'll need to install a ballast resistor. The carb backfiring leads me to think of a fuel problem. I don't know what carb you're using, but if it's a side pivot float, and it's not adjusted right or is sinking, that might be causing a flooding issue that get's worse when turning. Rob can chime in here. And because I'm more in tune with the electrical side, I would also check the connectors you've installed on the wires to the coil, and connections in between and all grounds. Crimp connectors can develop broken wires at the connection, not be crimped correctly, or develop corrosion-which translates into increased resistance.


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