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Well, it sounds like you're on the right track with it being an electrical/ignition related issue. The stall on left-hand turns seems suspicious - is there anything electrical in the steering column that is any way related to ignition? Could something in the steering column be causing a dead short of 12V to ground? Would it make sense to temporarily wire up a separate ignition circuit (a hotwire of sorts) to see if that removes the problem?

This might be of some marginal help...
When I was a kid my father's Toyota pickup had a similar problem. You'd be driving along fine, hit a rough patch on the road, car would sputter, backfire, shake (sometimes die) and then start to run perfectly again. Turned out the bracket that held down the battery had come loose and it would bounce around sometimes hitting the positive terminal shorting it to ground intermittently causing a major power lose leading the ignition to misfire. The shaking would then bounce the bracket away from the positive terminal, get a really big backfire from all the fuel in the muffler (one of which actually split the muffler), and then everything would be fine... until you hit the next bump in the road.

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