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Need help from the engine gurus.....

Guys & Gals,

I am at the end of my rope. I completely restored my GTCS 12 months ago. I have about 1500 miles on it. It is a stock C Code/auto with about 40k on the rebuild. New battery and alternation durning restoration. I run the Petronix Ignitor and Petronix coil. I have a mini tach and aftermarket air installed as well. The carb has been restored and the entire package ran great until about a month ago.

The car completely dies when making a left hand turn from a stop. Not every time, but about 25% of the time. It also dies at freeway speed and will completely shut down while cruising at 60/70 mph.

Here is my timeline for the past month:
Instrument cluster resistor died, took out cluster and replaced it. The engine problems where intermittent at this time.

I thought it might be a fuel issue, so I replaced both the fuel pump and filter (the tank and lines are 1 year old.). No change in the way it ran.

Around this time it complete shut down at 70 mph on a left turn freeway interchanged. No where to pull off, traffic coming up fast, I panicked - put it in neutral as it coasted down and restarted it. 3 huge backfires came immediately resulting in blowing out both mufflers. I guess the fuel pump is working good! No apparent damage to the motor, no leaks anywhere.

I was told by a local shop that it could be the ignition switch so I replaced it. I was also told the resistor wire (pink wire) going from the ignition to the firewall can some time mess with the Petronix. I cut it and wired in a straight wire in its place. No change in the way it ran, if anything the engine shutting down became more frequent.

I focused then on the Petronix. Borrowed another one from a local shop, installed it and the car ran worse. Put my Petronix back in. Runs better but sill dies.

The rotor looked a bit worn so I replaced it. No change.

Focus my attention to the coil. Removed the Petronix coil and installed the std one that came with the car when I bought it. It ran the same, but still died on straight aways around 35 mph. I reinstalled the Petroix.

Maybe the Mini Tach is the problem. I disconnected it(and wrapped the end with electrical tape). It died about a mile from my house. Got it restarted, it felt better so I hopped on the freeway. After about 5 miles it shut down at 65 mph, back fired twice as I coasted to a stop. I limped home on side streets.

So I am at a loss. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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