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Re:White GT/CS in Florida

I've seen this car listed before. I would questions 3 things on this car as far as being a true 390 GT/CS.

1. Rear Valance - incorrect
2. Why the aftermarket tach, if I'm not mistaken all 390/428 car's with 4 speed came with an 8,000 rpm tach from the factory.
3. Stripe on Rear trunk lid for some reason just doesn't look right outside of the GT/CS logo to. Front grille has no mounting brackets for fog lights let alone the running horse emblem being there.

Granted these things could have been added but, I just see to many flags. You would think if someone went to the time to put in a 390 they would also have added the correct valance. But, the dealer may not really know any history on this car either.

If one were interested in this auto I would definitely recommend some research and Marti Report before purchase.

Don ???
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