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Hello Beau66- My father started the HCS registry and was also having the fender badges reproduced here in Denver by the company originally contracted by Ford. That company is no longer in business but I have the artwork from them and we are currently working on getting them produced by another company and available to those folks that need them. I have decals available for the '68's and we are also in the process of having the Lucas fog light bolts kits reproduced for the '68 HCS and CS's which was another item that my dad supplied. If you don't mind waiting a bit longer I think we can get these badges done as correct as possible and also be able to cross check the registry with those purchasing badges to try and ward off any possible counterfeit cars. Feel free to pm or email me anytime and as soon as I have more information I will pass it along to you and the forum. Appreciate it, Dan Teets
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