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How special is an X-code as compared to, say a S-code? In equal condition, which is more desirable? I have contacted the dealership and I am awaiting a response on what they are looking to get and, I will see about some under-pics.

I don't see much of an issue with a paint and engine freshening. Yeah, 44k is low but due to the age, this is not wholly out of line.

I definitely agree it is not wholly out of line but it still requires first hand investigation and scrutiny. I have seen way too many "freshened up" cars that are complete nightmares underneath the lipstick and makeup. I can already tell you the re-spray is low quality based on seeing overspray on the door rubbers and such. On this particular car, due to the location, I would look for signs of serious rust out repair and quality of the repair/restoration if applicable.

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