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Re:Need Advice - Please Be Gentle On Me

I agree with admin and Winston that the car would be easier to sell if it was running and it would not take much. My GT/CS had only been driven 1 years since 1988 and I did the brakes myself, I did not need a master cylnder only had to bleed them, drained the tank and but in a tempory in line fuel filter. I put the inline filter in because like Jon said, the filter will gum up quickly after the tank has been cleaned so instead of replacing a $4 filter every day, I would buy a cheap .50c filter and replace it instead (I still had the regular filter in place). I had my car running, not road ready by any means but drivable around the block, in about 2 days. It was very easy. I hope this helps.


PS sorry to see you selling a great car. :'(
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