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Love this car!

Howdy, Y'all!

I don't post often, but I have been with this group for about four years now. I mostly just pop in and check out other people's threads, unless I have a specific problem, but I had the car out today, and I just want to say that I love my car!

And, THANK YOU, Neil!

I felt like I was taking a huge gamble when I bought a car from NC without meeting you, or even having seen the car in person. I've never once regretted my decision, and every time I get it out, it brings a smile to my face. One day, i hope to add more to my stable, but first i need more space. I know, a common problem, I'm sure.

Anyway, nothing profound to say, I just want to say thanks. I first found this forum, which ultimately led to my purchasing of my dream car from high school.

Thank you all, for the info you have provided over the years, and a big thanks to Neil, for a super job on the car. I still hope to meet you in person some day.


'68 Highland Green GT/CS J-code
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