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Re:Need Advice - Please Be Gentle On Me

Hey Guys,

Thanks for your quick posts so far. I had never really looked deeply into the site, but after
reviewing the price guide, it can tell me how much the value could increase if I did work to
bring the car well into the "Fair to Good" range, from where it is now. The Geo Metro master cylinder
idea is also interesting,especially if it would facilitate giving me power brakes for the first time (car
did not have power brakes to begin with, and the brake pedal always took some significant foot

This already gives me some good options on what I should do with this car. It does have some
sentimental value to me, as it is the first car I ever purchased (not a bad purchase decision, as I look
back on it), and my wife always enjoyed driving it when it was still on the road in the early 80's.

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