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Re:Need Advice - Please Be Gentle On Me

:o Aaaargh, we're being overrun by 390's!!! Maybe the 390's aren't rare, they were just being stored away all this time because of poor gas mileage ! ;)

Seriously, "ALF", you have what sounds to be a nice, rare car. Take a look at the "PRICE GUIDE" to the left. Based off of your description, the condition falls somewhere between Poor and Fair, probably closer to Fair if it is cosmetically and mechanically sound and only needs "de-mothballing." The guide says that it's worth about $4500-$6700. I wrote the price guide, but I didn't really have any values for 390 GT/CS's when I did. I have some values now, but they're for cars that are in much nicer shape than you describe yours to be. I would think your car would easily bring $6700, probably more. How much more, I don't know. You're a pioneer for the Poor-Fair 390 GT/CS!


P.S. It's almost always monetarily advantageous to sell a car as-is rather than fixing it up. However, a runner is worth significantly more than a non-runner, so if getting it running is fairly cheap (which sounds like your car), then spend the money to do so. It's a psychology thing... even if it only costs $10 to get a car running (e.g. carb rebuild kit), that's worth hundreds to a potential buyer.
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