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Need Advice - Please Be Gentle On Me

I have owned a GT/CS since 1975 - First car I ever bought (in High School). I still have it, and now might need to finally part with it. It is black on black, which I believe is the original coloring. It has the 390 engine with 2V carb (Autolite 2100) and auto trans, power steering, styled steel wheels, etc. It has been sitting in garages (Santa Barbara and now San Jose area) since 1988, which is the last time it was registered to be on the road (still has yellow on black plates). I used to start it up every couple of months, but I have not for some time now. Essentially the car is in stock, un-restored condition. Has around 100k miles on it.

Now as I said, please be gentle on me as this is my first post ever on any on-line forum. The car now has problems from sitting around so long - The brakes are completely gone (probably just the master cylinder, but I am assuming that it might need a complete brake job from the master to all 4 wheel cylinders). Also, although I used fuel stabilizer the fuel in the tank is now varnish (which I am assuming will require boiling out the fuel tank, cleaning out the entire fuel system and re-building the carb).

As I may need to sell the car, I don't know whether it would be best to put the money into it to get it roadworthy, or allow the potential buyer a better price since they will need to do other work on it (could use fresh paint, basic clean-up, oil change, diff lube change, tune-up, etc.).

I know that there will be many questions about the car which I cannot answer at the moment: VIN, options, photos, etc. I also know that 390's in GT/CS's are fairly rare, and that this vehicle could command a nice price if/when fixed up. I am just trying to get some general feedback from all of you GT/CS experts out there as to what the car could be worth if I sold it now "as-is, non-running" or what it might be worth if I paid to have it fixed up. Therefore I am posting this and awaiting your feedback and questions.

One last item: I don't have the original fog lamps!!! :-[ When I was still living in the L.A. area, my dad borrowed the car one day, and it was stolen in downtown L.A. Got it back a few weeks later, and the fog lamps were gone (other than that, it was just being driven around like a daily driver!). All the rest of the stock parts which it had on it when I bought it are still there.

There, my first attempt at a post. Please let me know your thoughts/questions/interests, and based on those I will provide responses/photos/etc.


P.S.: User name is based on my new hobby of collecting old fire engines, the first of which is a 1963 American LaFrance - 63ALF
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