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Re:Front Fender Mustang Emblem Placement

[quote author=PNewitt link=board=1;threadid=1715;start=0#msg10807 date=1116958184]
Just as an FYI....(and not a comment on anyone's car)

One more way to identify whether a GT/CS is real or not, is to look for the holes in the fender for the "horse and bars", which it never had. Either feel for these holes on the backside, or use a magnet to locate bondo, etc.

The GT/CS (HCS) never had horse and bars emblems on the front fenders.

Paul N.
Thanks for the info Paul. I checked that out before buying this car. It's got the proper numbers and is in the registry. As I have dismantled this car, I've gained an interesting history on it. The crumpled hood, crunched doors and fenders, etc. leads me to believe that it was poorly repaired by a body shop that didn't take the time to replace original parts. The grille and fog lamps were gone too. The fog lamp wiring was cut at the grille. Not to worry, I'm returning it to it's original splendor and glory. Will post pictures when body work and paint are complete. Thanks for your wisdom and knowledge.
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