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Re:Front Fender Mustang Emblem Placement

[quote author=hookedtrout link=board=1;threadid=1715;start=0#msg10783 date=1116911611]
If you can't find a local car to take measurements from let me know and I'll take them off mine and send them to you as a pay forward for some great measurments that were sent my way quite some time ago.


Thanks Hook: I would have taken the measurement from the opposite fender, however my car was apparently in a front end collision at some time during it's life. The drivers fender was full of bondo but the passenger fender was replaced from a donor car. There was a Mustang emblem and a running horse 302 emblem. I'm having those holes filled so I have a clean slate to work from. If it's not much trouble, I would appreciate those measurements. I'm doing a ground up resto and I'm learning alot. I'm sure that I'll be "paying it forward" for others that want to restore their beloved GT/CS's
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