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s code has been stolen from my driveway !!!!

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Originally Posted by somethingspecial View Post
Since taking over as Registrar in 2011, I found the need to start documenting KNOWN clones. The increasing numbers of clones (some very well done) necessitated the tracking as even though the may be listed as CLONE, as the cars sell down the line, the fact it is a clone may be lost. If you come across any clones, try to get the VIN and forward it to me. Donít really need the door data info, just the VIN from the dash, but if you can get the door data info, the better.

Iíve met several folks who were so proud of their California Special and truly believed it was the real deal, but truth be known, it was a clone. Nothing wrong with clones, they still bring the attention they deserve and the pride of their owners, just tracking the VINs.

For those wanting a Factory Built GT/CS or HCS, always insist on a Marti Report. If you obtain a Marti Report, Please forward a copy to me for the Registry. Thanks for all you support. Mike Jewell
just was wondering if this car VIN: 8R01C155425 shouldn't be taged a clone
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