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Originally Posted by CougarCJ View Post
Or someone wants to ride the Barrett-Jackson and Russo Steele auction wave from last week.
Ad is posted in Phoenix, car is located in eastern Washington.

Not sure if anyone has been to Scottsdale during B-J week. The local classifieds are packed with old car for sale ads, and the weekly Pavillions car show gets crazy big, with all of the locals posting fat for sale prices on their cars. Lots of money and buyers in town, why not?
No doubt. I live on the Phoenix area and it is a crazy time of year for those into classic cars. Five auctions going at the same time (about 3000 cars). More than 500 cars for sale at the Pavillons show. The problem for this seller is that timing is everything. The buyers, hype and excitement leaves town quickly after that week. Advertising a car here that is 1500 miles away asking 2x what is worth is a waste of time.

I sold my 66 GT coupe during auction week last month. I had it on Craig's List, took great photos, priced it close to the final sale price and got lots of interest. The cars that were priced too high last month are still for sale. Unfortunately, most of the money has since left town.
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