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Have you driven your CS or Cobra Jet today?

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Looks like I'm going to be a owner again....with my old GTCS!

Some of you old timers will remember me (hopefully). I've owned a couple CS's in the past and have passed them to other people to enjoy them. I sold my Maroon CS back in 2006 and regretted it soon afterwards.

About 3-4 months ago I get a call asking my name and if I owned a 68 Mustang in the past. Started talking with the guy and he got the car from a church raffle......yes he won it in a raffle! I assume the person who bought it from me in 2006 gave it or sold it to this church (I might try and track this down at some point). The current owner has never owned a classic car so he really doesn't know much about it. I talked to him for a while with all the details on the car that I could remember. There were receipts from when I had the car in it when he won it at the raffle, that's how he found me.

At the end of the conversation I asked him if he would sell it back to me. His response was that he would consider selling it to me, so I asked at what price. He said $40,000 because that's what the raffle said it was worth. Needless to say it's not worth that and I let him know. He said he was going to take it to a local Ford dealer to see if he wanted heart sank. I figured if the dealer bought it then I could always buy it from the dealer as I know the dealer wouldn't give him 40k for it.

A few weeks later I called the owner and he said he didn't sell it for the 25k the dealer offered. I told him he should have taken that offer (I think that's all the money on the car). Fast forward to last night where I contact the owner again and he said he still had it. I made him a offer and he accepted it. Sending payment today!

Looking forward to getting it back and going over it.

Here is the thread when I put it up for sale

A few pics from the seller......looks just like when I sold it!

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